Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And so the day starts

Honor is still fighting a fever and stuffy nose. I slept on the floor in her room again last night with my phone alarm set to ring every hour so I could check her temperature. I suppose that she is doing better because I only had to wake her once for medicine. The first night, I pretty much had to dose her every three hours, switching between Tylenol and Motrin, just to keep her fever down to a reasonable level. I was also making her drink a lot each hour. She was feeling ok yesterday, but tired. She’d get up and play awhile, then crash on the sofa… repeat all day. Her appetite and mood has been good too.

Last night, I gave her Tylenol at 8:30pm, which is (in our experience) the weaker of the fever reducers, because that was what was up in the rotation. I would have preferred Motrin as it lasts longer, but it was too soon. Still, I checked on her every hour and she was fine until 4:30am, when she had a fever of 101.5. I gave her the Motrin and lots of water… helped her clean her face because she was a crust  monster, and she went back to sleep.

I went back to my, now on auto-pilot, checking on her every hour schedule, which means that when my alarm to get Brian up and ready for school went off, I just stumbled out of my floor-pillow nest, checked Honor for fever – none – then went back to sleep! Good thing Brad had a back-up alarm set, although he is also used to me being on the ball and he didn’t get us up until 20 minutes before bus time! Amazingly enough, Brian got up, dressed, washed, etc. even ate breakfast; I got his backpack, lunch ticket, snacks and water bottles ready (I even started the coffee!), and we were out the door in time to sit around and chit-chat about things before the bus arrived. He joked that he had plenty of energy to move fast because he got to sleep in!

After Brian left, I went in and peeked out the window. The kittens were awake and playing. Rosy kept grabbing Posie’s tail and I thought they would tumble off the ledge! Silly babies! Yesterday I spoke with our bawwab and asked that he catch our gardener before he comes in to water the plants (we do not often see him) and ask that he leave the place where the kittens are alone so they will be safe. If momma cat does not move them, we may take two of the litter. We honestly cannot take all three. It is hard enough to travel with two, but cats need playmates in order to stay kitten-y as they grow. We worry about taking them too soon, but they look to be about 4-5 weeks (able to wean) and feral kittens face a lot of hardship. They also get wild if left un-socialized too long and it is harder to tame them. They look as big as Misty was when we were given him by a farmer who pulled him out of a hayloft and he did just fine. These kittens are walking around, ears up, eyes open, little tails straight up. They are MEOWing very loudly, and goofing off a lot in the nest. I have contacted a local vet who can see them as soon as we get them, and if momma cat does move these, he told me that he has some 6wk old kittens at his clinic that are ready to adopt.

Let’s see, what else? Brad’s gone off to work. I’ve read my email. I read some news. I cleaned up an exploding boiling oozing banana that was trying to take over the kitchen… it still had yellow skin, good camouflage, but had gone bad anyway. Most fruit goes off gradually, some just go evil. I checked on Honor – I kissed her to check her temp, and she woke up, but she just smiled at me and went back to sleep. 

I played some Sect.com. Not sure why I find it so addictive. It’s just one of those turn/time limited, ‘roll of the (virtual) dice’ chance game. As you win fights or buy items, you build your stats and strengths, etc. It’s not even animated. But I’ve been going in and rolling my ‘dice’ on this thing religiously all summer:

browser based mmorpg

After I got my post-apocalyptic brawl fix in, I had breakfast and coffee. I’ve written this post… and it’s now 9:30am. After the too little sleep I got last night – and that was after staying up too late - I really should be tired and should go nap while I can… but I am not tired. I bet I’ll be crashing this afternoon…


Cairo Typ0 said...

I think you've earned a nap! I hope Honor is on the mend!! *hugs*

Lydia said...

Ugh, being sick is never fun, whether it you or the kids. Right now, guess who's sick? Spencer!! So he's sleeping with Princess Nyquil and I'm catching up on needed household duties.

LiLu said...

We got two kittens for exactly that reason. I'd feel so bad leaving just one home while we were at work!

Limningedge said...

Doing the up every hour to check a sick child is hard work, one of ours was a silent asthmatic - a bit tricky - and I spent many a night "asleep" cross legged on the floor with one hand on his chest and my head on the side of the bed. Catch a power nap when you can.
ps I just love ginger kittens.

Connie said...

It's amazing how comfortable the floor can be for a mom with a sick kid. (:-)

I'm not usually a huge fan of stripey ginger cats - I guess because I love the greys so much! - but one of these has a tabby/spotted pattern and I love that pattern in all colors! All three are adorable, but we travel too much to keep a whole herd of cats. We're limiting ourselves to two. I just posted photos.

Christine said...

I am so sorry to hear Honor is sick. We have been fighting something over here too. It sounds like you are enjoying your new home! The kittens are too cute!