Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Calling All Crafters


Except you, Ninja – you are an un-crafter - although I am sure that kitten help will ultimately make all my crochet much cuter.

No. I need ideas for a couple of projects. Both are projects I have been thinking about since we moved here, pre-kitten – but the need for them is enforced by their arrival.

Project One – Blind cord thingys.

We have 6 or 7 sets of floor to ceiling window blinds. I hate blinds. I hate the cords even more. Yes, they serve a purpose, and on doors, I admit, they are more practical than curtains, but they aren’t pretty, and the cords are a real pain. The plastic, automatic reel gadget – that attaches to the wall and controls excess cord – do not always work the way they should. They will not work at all for some of the windows and doors we have blinds on. I have crochet chained the excess into a bundle, but because the blinds are so long, the slack of the cords, when the blinds are opened, still hangs to the floor. I don’t like it, and the kittens LOVE it. It is cute to see them play Tarzan with the cords, but unsupervised, this is hazardous. Do you have any ideas for a cord controller? Crochet or sewing? I can probably adapt a knitting project.

Project Two – Door stops (windows too)

I’m not talking a huge, cute cut out/stuffed animal with a brick in it. Something small to wedge under the door or in the jamb to keep it open. I’ve also got a few windows that open like doors and have nothing to hold them open when the wind blows through the house. I can come up with some simple things that will work (my husband wants his shoe back!) – practical and safe, but I am curious if anyone has seen anything like this. Anything fun and creative.


Cairo Typ0 said...

No idea about the first. I was actually going to suggest a painted brick for the second but since that got vetoed... Umm... I got nothing. Sorry :(

Connie said...

I don't actually have bricks :) altho I am sure I could find rocks. I was thinking of more toe-friendly things. Also, at least one of the doors to be propped would be a bathroom door and I want something easy to pull out of the jamb, set aside, put back in. I like having the windows open through the house, but we get some strong cross-breezes! Sure, I could put a rolled up sock in there, but I'm trying to build on that idea a little :D (a sock with a squished and pained look on it's face?)

Tanya said...

In NZ we use door wedges (like a wedge of cheese) made out of wood or rubber. The skinny end gets pushed with your toe under the bottom of the door- works better near the open corner- and voila door wedged open. You can also of course get fancy and novelty varieties. http://idealog.co.nz/magazine/july-august-2007/now/door-opener
Kiwis have been known to use off cuts too and not just when they are in the middle of a DIY (do it yourself)job!

Connie said...

I like door wedges, and I have seen the doorman design before - too cute!! I'll have to see if I can find it on-line. I definitely have to have a wedge made of rubber though. Our floors are slick marble so a wedge of wood or plastic will just slide. I haven't found anything local though (still looking) and that's why I was trying to think of a homemade craft. I have used bits of wood, cloth, etc to stick in the crack/hinge-side of an open door to prevent closing too. Thanks!