Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The view from my window

Honor is still home with me today. Her fever seems to be getting better, but she still has a very stuffy nose and too big of a cough. She slept better last night. Unfortunately, she missed picture day at school, but I hope they'll have a make-up day. A lot of kids are sick these days and the school is very pro-active about checking kids and sending them home if they get sick. I am not sure if we will send Honor to school tomorrow. As it is, she can't talk without coughing, so even though she seems past the actual illness, they're likely to send her home. Probably good for her to stay home and rest anyway.

So what do we do with a sick, but feeling a bit improved, little girl? I sat her up on the kitchen counter and let her watch kitten tv, of course! All three kittens are up and playing this morning and are very adorable. They definitely look old enough to adopt, and all look very playful and healthy. They might, like many feral kitties, need a good bath and flea comb, maybe have drops prescribed for possible gunk in their eyes, and of course, they'll need shots, etc. but we're thinking that we'll be catching a couple of new furkids by Thursday or Friday this weekend. We want to go shopping so we'll have supplies on hand, have time to see a vet, and an opportunity to socialize with them.

We've been calling the dark orange kitten, 'Rosy' and the creamy-white kitten 'Posey', and the fluffier light orange kitten is Thorn. but as we do not even know their genders this may change. We could name the two we want to keep, Spooky and Pumpkin, since they're almost Halloween presents. Or maybe Fireball and Sparky.. they are quite active! We'll have to see.

Here's what we watched this morning:

I watched that Honor didn't get in trouble on the counter.

Posey is too little to climb the wall, but is thinking about it.

Kitten convention - all three come into the open.

Rosy and Posey, our favorites, and the potential adoptees (although it might be best that we catch them all - still considering that...)

and if that isn't enough cuteness for you, here's some live action adorability!


Cairo Typ0 said...

I'm glad to hear that Honor is on the mend. I'm sure the cats are helping keep her spirits up. :)

Connie said...

She's feeling better today. Last fever was a very mild one yesterday evening :) FINALLY!