Saturday, October 24, 2009

They’re taking over

We are having so much fun with the kittens! It’s been a quiet weekend otherwise… Honor is finally better, except for a lingering cough as she tries to get rid of the crud. I’ve been exhausted and caught up with some sleep today. Missed a walking tour of local shopping areas, but I needed the rest. Hopefully I will be able to sign up for a later tour.

I’m sitting here watch Brad get attacked by a Pumpkin cat… I mean, the whole litter! Where Pumpkin goes, the girls are soon to follow. It looks like the little boy of the litter is a daddy’s boy! He always goes to Brad and hops up in his lap for love and cuddles.

Sorry that these photos are not clickable for hi-res, but our internet continues to be poor.

Time for Pumpkin and Miss No Name to have cuddles with mom.


Even Honor has a lap big enough for these three little kittens… altho the two wrestling kept falling off.


Nap time with Honor.


Ninja Cat protects us from dangerous shoes.


Honor and Ninja chat.


Pumpkin has the goopiest eyes. All of the kittens have a virus in their eyes that we have medication for. They aren’t fond of the eye-cream, but it is helping.


Honor definitely spends a lot of time with the kittens, which is why I have more photos of her with them(!), but Brian loves them too. Even when facing Ninja attacks as he attempts to read his book.


She’s so fast! You never see her coming!

DSC05433 Three days ago they were wild in the bushes… now they seek out laps for snoozing on.


What do you mean “Get off the computer?" How else am I supposed to keep my butt warm?


btw… it looks like Pumpkin and Ninja Cat are keeping their names. They fit them well. We’re still trying to decide on a name for the pale girl. She’s a sweetie and loves to be stroked and held. She’s very smart too, and don’t let her gentleness fool you… she can be mischievous, tricky, and is the most dead set against getting eye drops! (and says so quite loudly). The list we’re considering:

Mystic Angel Crystal
Cuddles Cinnamon Foxy
Smokey Shadow Pixie
Rosy Sugar Sweetie
Sparkles Whiskers Princess

I like Pixie the best, but I tend to call her Sweetie, Princess, or Baby (I know, pretty sappy, but I can’t help it… gotta call her something!) What do you think?


Lydia said...

I like: Crystal or Smokey. Sugar maybe. Hey, that couch looks familiar!

Connie said...

Yea, I like Sugar too, but Brad is opposed :D I like Crystal too.. but she has pink tones depending on the light so we're not sure about Smokey. She's hard to name!

You were done with the couch, right? :D In a way, it's a good thing, about the furniture they give us... we know what we're going to get before we get there! It was actually something of a comfort to the kids to know that they'd have familiar items in our new home.

Cairo Typ0 said...

I like princess but i've had that word running around my head this morning. Crystal sounds nice. :)

Expat Mom said...

I like Mystic. That's a very cool name for a cat. When I was little I had a fluffy grey cat named Rosy . . . until we discovered that she was really a he and I changed his name to Smokey, so I'm kinda partial to that name, too. :D

They're very cute! I'm envious, Dorian and I really want a cat and Irving is 100% against them.

Connie said...

I love grey cats! Especially solid silver grey (with green eyes!). Next fave is black. There's a black stray around here that is sleek and shiny and too stunning to be real. Gorgeous! Honestly, I've never been a ginger cat fan - I guess because I love the greys so much. If I see a ginger, I can't help but think how much I'd like it in grey ;D But the stray cat clan in my area are the exception to my rule, they are very pretty cats, even though they are all scruffy strays!

Mystic is a neat name. I like it and Pixie. But, I keep calling her Princess. The kids call her Pixie. My husband is starting to call her Allspice (since we cannot decide on Cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg, ginger...!) Which means, of course, I also call her the Spice Girl. You'd think we'd make up our minds already!

People tend to love or hate cats. My dad was a cat hater, until he got to know our last cats. We always kept them inside, gave them a lot of attention, and didn't let anyone tease them - they stayed kitten-like (or even puppy like!) their whole lives - my dad adored them! Get Irving on the practical stuff - they keep rodents and bugs out, they chase birds from the garden, they eat less than dogs... then let him fall in love with a kitten :D

Nancy said...

Hey sis,
I like pixie but will it fit when shes older and not so small? Mystic works since shes an odd color. Hard part of choosing a name is will it still fit when shes 15 and cranky? Like my cuddles. lol.

Connie said...

As much as we like the name Mystic, it reminds us too much of Misty :( Pixie has a good combo of cute, mischievous, and a little bit of magic. She's likely to stay small too. She's not as tiny as Ninja, but she is small, as is the momma cat. When she gets bossy and cranky... and she does pull the drama queen act on us already!... that's when we call her 'The Princess', as in "The Princess is not happy with this." or "The Princess has been slighted and shows her royal annoyance". It looks like her name is going to stick as "Princess Pixie Allspice". She's got a big enough attitude to wear it, and we've all gotten into the habit of calling her any name that fits at the moment. She's good with it :)