Sunday, November 8, 2009

Four Foods on Friday 94

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Here’s this week’s questions.

1. How do you make mashed potatoes?

Peels usually left on. Dice potatoes, boil with a little salt until fork-mashable. Mashed up (with a hand masher) adding butter, milk, and fresh ground black pepper. Very rarely I will throw in some finely minced garlic bits to boil with the potatoes.

2. What do you wash pots and pans with?

It depends on what I make a mess with, and the pot or pan, because different methods work on different messes. I am a big fan of ‘fill it with soapy water and let it soak overnight’… that tends to be a one-size fits all solution.

3. Name something red in your refrigerator right now.

Thai sweet and hot sauce. Apples. Ketchup.

4. Do you prefer to use boullion cubes or the boullion powder mix?

Powder. It is easier to adjust for taste, and when the cubes get stale, they turn rock hard and difficult to dissolve. Besides, you can’t take a nibble of a cube – I can never resist popping a grain of boullion in my mouth for that extreme salt experience!


Cairo Typ0 said...

We have gourmet cubes i buy whenever i go home. I think they're less salty than cubes like knorr and pack way more punch. :)

Mashed potatoes the way mum taught me: boil potatoes. Remove skin. Mash. Add salt or veggies like peas, carrots or parsnip as mood determines. I never had mashed potatoes with cream, milk, or broth added until i moved to the states.

Connie said...

Milk makes them so fluffy and moist - with the quality/type of potato determining how much milk to add. I cannot drink much milk alone without it trying to kill me, so I try and sneak it into my cooking where I can, sometimes as is, or as cheese, or yogurt.

Anonymous said...

Soaking any dish overnight is a popular solution in our house. :P

Connie said...

Scrubbing is not good for pots and pans, a gentle soak prolongs their effective lifetime. Right?! :D

Karen said...

Ah! It is reassuring that so many of us go with the soak it overnight method when washing pans! Yay!

Connie said...

The soaking method works to reduce stress too, esp. when dealing with a pot in which something burned or stuck that was NOT supposed to. That's frustrating enough, shouldn't have to follow up with manicure-ruining scrubbing :p ! :D

Anele said...

Our tater methods are similar! Glad you liked my answer for the pots and pans question! LOL

Connie said...

Yours is the best! :D