Monday, November 23, 2009

Four Foods on Friday #96

I realize that I’ve missed Friday, but I answer these memes as soon as they pop up in my reader – and these just popped:

Here’s this week’s questions. Thanksgiving is almost here.

1. Pumpkin pie. Do you make it yourself or buy one already made?

Pfft! Pie? I don’t make pie! Ok, I have made a pie… and in 18 years of marriage, perhaps only one pie… and it was a rather tasty, and very genuine, authentic key lime pie, made with Egyptian “limuns”… but I truly do not like or want much pie, so my poor hubby is the pumpkin pie maker, and eater, in our family. He doesn’t mind the tradition, and loves his pie.

2. Where are you eating Thanksgiving dinner this year?

At home. Probably just the four of us – with three kittens begging desperately – as we usually do. We like having the day as a family day. Couldn’t really invite anyone this year anyway as our household goods have not arrived yet and not only is our baking and cooking gear supply woefully under-stocked, we only have 5 plates/bowls, glasses, etc.!

3. Turkey. Do you like white meat or dark meat?

Dark meat best, although because I cook the turkey covered in foil for most of the baking – in direct defiance of so many turkey recipes that state you must leave it uncovered – and only uncover it to brown at the end - all of the meat is much juicier. Something like this link. And don’t forget to let it rest before carving… that’s when I make the gravy anyway.

4. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?



Lydia said...

Ooh yeah, dark meat all the way! Though I will take adequately juicy white meat as well!

Cairo Typ0 said...

I love turkey sandwiches the next day with cranberry sauce adn stuffing! YUMMMM!!!