Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hope you all had a lovely Halloween weekend.

Pull up a chair, get comfy…


… and I’ll share a few photos.

Brian chose to be a gladiator again this year, but needed a new costume. I think he chose a good one. Here he is, posing with his class’s scarecrow.


Honor really wanted to be a tiger, but we could only find a leopard costume… I think this is much cuter anyway! I didn’t bring make-up, and before the parade, she asked me to draw on a nose and whiskers with marker. We had no idea if it was permanent or not, but she has such a crazy attitude – she didn’t care if she had to wear them the rest of the week! – so I drew them on. They did wash off :-X)


We went to the Embassy party and I must say, the folks who decorated and operated the haunted house(s) and trick-or-treat lanes for the kids really went all out. It was basically a walk-through of halls and rooms, all wonderfully decorated by individuals from those particular offices. They did an awesome job and it was a fun adventure for the kids. Thanks!!

The school hosted a very nice Spooktacular party. There was a haunted house and a trick-or-treat lane, as well as carnival like games to play. Fortunately, it was set up in the gym because it would have been rained out otherwise.


Halloween goofiness.


We found Honor’s class’s scarecrow outside.


The kittens unpacked Honor’s backpack, pulled her homework folder out, and scattered papers around. One of the papers was a little certificate she earned from the pumpkin carving contest. She got 1st prize for the weirdest pumpkin!


And while we are still talking about spooky topics, check out what I found at a local bookstore when I went out looking for a notebook for my recipes! She’s a great kitchen witch!



Cairo Typ0 said...

Great costumes! Halloween is so much fun for kids and i'm so glad that the embassies and schools put on events for the kids since they can't exactly go trick or treating. :)

Congrats to Honor for her shocked looking pumpkin! LOL

Expat Mom said...

Love their costumes! It's a neat idea to have a trick or treat lane for the kids. We don't celebrate Halloween anyway, but it's nice to keep some of the original American traditions, no matter where you are in the world.

LiLu said...

Ahhhhh! We always had orange kitties growing up- they're my favorite!

Mama Seoul said...

Happy Halloween!

Tanya said...

Even your kittens were pumpkin themed :) We dont have Halloween in NZ but any excuse to play dress ups is fine by me. Fab pics!