Saturday, November 28, 2009

My helper

So, I asked each child to please choose a bathroom sink to wash. I don’t ask them to do a lot of housework – they have school and homework to focus on during the week, and play to catch up on the weekend – but I do ask for some. They need to learn how to do the tasks, and to appreciate the work needed to accomplish household chores so they do not take things for granted. Brian is more of a typical kid, he does what he has to, but is happy to run off again and continue doing what he wants to do. Honor is my helper. She not only cleaned the sink, but continued on and scrubbed down the entire bathroom – except the mirror which she can’t reach. Good girl – Thank you!!



Veronica said...

Thank you for your comments Connie; they are all true - positive approach, just do it and you will feel stronger. I have an internet connection again and have a lot to catch up on ... days have become weeks and the physio has upgraded! Ouch!
Teaching children how to do chores is the ONLY way they will learn; it definitely worked with mine - they are all now pleasant, trained educated adult individuals - isn't that what we ultimately really should produce?

Nicole said...

Yup that would be the difference between boys and girls. My boys take 3 seconds to clean anything that I ask them to. I have to tell them like 41 times to get it done the right way.

Good girl!!!!

Rebecca said...

Thank God that there's at least one kid in the family like that. I think it's His mercy on us poor moms! ;)

You have a fabulous bathroom. I'm jealous. We don't even have electric in ours! It's.... a long story.

Connie said...

Honor has always been a helper and a do-it-myselfer - sometimes to a very frustrating extent! Thankfully she is now old enough to understand that when I tell her no, there is a good reason... like the stove being too high, not that I don't think she'd be careful. She is a bit annoyed that more things aren't made for her size! :)

That bathroom is lovely, wish it were the master bath so we could have the big windows and the shower stall, but it's by the kids' rooms... sigh. My favorite thing about it are those huge windows. I love the light coming through. We do have electricity in there (lights and one outlet), but I sure wish the light switches were INSIDE the bathroom rather than out in the hall.