Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cat Physics

So, I wake up early in the morning, sit groggily on the side of the bed a moment, and look down at the carpet. I see footprints on the carpet, toes pointed toward the bed, out from the wall. What the…? Do they really walk through walls? Seems I have proof.


I have also discovered the unique effect that closed doors have on cats (it may apply to dogs, and it also affects children, but this is a study about cats). If a door remains closed for too long a period of time, a cat-specific pressure begins to build. At first, the pressure pulls the cats to the outside of the door and causes them to emit loud noises. If you wait a bit longer, allowing the pressure to build, then open the door, all cats in the vicinity will be sucked through the door to ricochet loudly around the formerly closed up room, until the pressure equalizes again.

Gravity only applies to cats if there is no place to sit on up high, otherwise, any potential ‘up’ place will prove an irresistible force and the cat MUST get there, or possibly, explode. Pixie is the most susceptible to this force, but once she succumbs, all three are drawn upward.

DSC06613  DSC06610

Ninja LOVES Honor’s silk flower collection.



And another law of cat physics – if it can be played in, it will be played in.


So, now you know.


Shannon said...

I love the cat in the bidet. At least it is being used! Our cat would get up on top of the cabinets and then jump to Dave's shoulders. Now that we cabinets he can't get on top of he jumps from the sink to Dave's shoulders when he is trying to use the bathroom.

Tobi said...

I saw this today and it reminded me of you.

Who wouldn't like to hang out drinking with cats til' 4AM I ask you?

Z. Marie said...

Well, were you really going to use that bidet for something else? (Or if you were, maybe the cats just decided they didn't like the idea.)

Connie said...

Shannon - Pixie will leap from the floor to my shoulder to access higher places, ALL higher places, cabinets, doors, medicine cabinets, etc. This is a new experience for me, my other cats never did this. She hasn't jumped down to my shoulder yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. And I am not sure I know how to use the bathroom nowadays without a cat on my shoulder. Really, what instinct drives a cat to ride on shoulders?!? I'm sure momma cats do not encourage this?!

Tobi - What fun! A good way for a non-pet owner to enjoy animals, and I can only bet these are cats who would otherwise not have a home. I guess I might think it weird, but we once stayed in a hotel in Crete and our hotel room came with a cat. Actually, the cat wasn't in the room when we checked in, but invited himself in soon after. Strange, but it was nice to have him. Books are much better read, with a cat on your lap.

Z. Marie - Our bidets get a lot of use as mop buckets or foot washers or whatever... and they are perfect for cats wanting to chase their tails! Cats also like the sinks and tubs for this reason too, no matter if they are very wet.. water will not stop the pursuit of evil tails.