Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Of course, if you have pets, you know that many things that you, or they, own are toys…. fake fur rats, jingle balls, cardboard boxes, laser pointers, siblings, toes, tails, etc. Later, you learn that other things are also toys. Things that you may not have known were toys.

Red radish

Radishes – I stopped at the produce stand yesterday and brought home a huge pile of lovely goodies. Got home, filled the sink, and started to wash. The fresh smelling foods attracted Ninja, and she hopped up on the counter to watch me closely. Next thing I know, she was fishing for radishes. She hooked one with a claw, brought it to her mouth, and ran off with it. I thought about taking it away, but she was so proud of her ‘catch’ that I let her keep it. All 3 cats played with it, and chewed on it, for the rest of the evening. (I got it back eventually and threw it away!) Mmm! Smelly veggies!

Socks – yes, Ninja is STILL a sock maniac.

Laundry baskets – must be played in. MUST. There is no want, it’s a need. Empty or full, if you have a laundry basket, a cat HAS to play in it.  The girls will wait by the door for me when I come up from the laundry room in order to hop in the basket as soon as they possibly can.

Washcloths, sponges, metallic scrubby thingys – Ninja and Pixie steal these things… usually wet. I have no idea why, but it is funny sometimes to watch them grab a dripping cloth out of the sink and drop it on an unsuspecting sibling below the counter. Hard to wash dishes though, when they’ll run off with what I am using as I am trying to use it! I think they surprised the maid yesterday by stealing her dustcloth.

Kitchen sink basket strainer – yea… one of these things:

 KOH-K-8803-CP_dt You would not believe how often I have to go find mine. They undo the drain plugs in the bathroom sinks and bidets as well as remove the covers on the floor drains (tossing aside all throw rugs to get to them if needed).

Mops and brooms – they are learning, finally, but for the longest time, any mop and/or broom was a challenger to be conquered. Nevermind, if the mop is soaking wet, or that they occasionally get their noses bonked by attacking the broom as I sweep (and not expecting a cat nose to appear suddenly). The mop and the broom are enemies in need of assault. I think they are giving up on it now though, because when they attack the broom when I leave it leaning against the wall… well, sometimes it attacks back, and that’s scary.

Evil eye ward – Teach me to hang this little souvenir from Cairo in my kitchen. Same goes for the crystals I have hanging in the window, and the pull cords on the ceiling fans. Anything that dangles is definitely a cat toy.


Fake flowers – When Honor was three, she and I had to travel alone to the US for some medical appointments. We stayed in a wonderful extended stay hotel (with Marriott Execustay – highly recommended) which was, fortunately, located right up the road from a great little Chinese restaurant. The walls of the place were pink, and every table had a vase with silk flowers – little girl heaven. The food was also delicious and the staff quickly learned Honor loved grapes, so she always had a bowl, whether they were on the buffet or not. Before we returned overseas, we stopped in a JoAnn’s Crafts store to get some supplies and oh boy(!), guess who saw the flowers? I took her to the sale bin, and let her grab an armload! They really are a great idea for a little girl’s pretend play… and they hold up to abuse surprisingly well. Good thing, as the cats are now abusing them…

Straws – We are now in blender season. Alcoholic, fruity, yogurt-y, or whatever, icy drinks need straws. Pixie has this obsession with straws. Pixie needs straws. You’ve been warned; watch your drink!

Beanie Babies – Ninja has a maternal instinct and loves babies. Especially kitten babies, with the Ty animals being just the right size… but she runs off with other critters too.

Homework – Yes, the cat really will eat your homework. (Fortunately, Honor’s teacher is understanding.)

Vitamins – must not be set down or Pixie will steal them. We’re not sure if she’ll eat them, we get them back asap, but she WANTS them.

Balls – Cat toys, tennis balls, plastic practice golf balls, balloons, plastic easter eggs, real eggs… Pumpkin loves soccer. He will bring a ball and put it in your hand if that’s what it takes to get you to play. He won’t fetch anything else, but he will play ball.

Pipe cleaners – must be kept hidden in the arts and crafts cabinets. All pipe cleaners not so hidden will be stolen, mangled, growled over, and eventually left in the water dish.

Basically, if it can be played with, it will be played with, or on, or under, or around…


SeeThroughGreen said...

LOL!!! Omg that reminds me of my old cat 'manny'. He wouldnt play though... he would hunt. he would hunt balls, washcloths, fuz balls, pipe cleaners..and even real animals sometimes... like mice and small birds... and once a monster crow that was bigger than him.... yup... everything is huntable....

Forgetfulone said...

My kitty loves the laundry basket... if it's her idea!

Connie said...

SeeThroughGreen - We keep our cats inside, but I am sure they would be mighty hunters if outside! No doubt hunting in a pack like a tiny pride of lions. Their hunt instincts show!

Forgetfulone - I'm surprised that they like it so much, as often as they've flipped it over, off the bed, etc. I'd think they'd consider it as 'dangerous' as the broom!

Karen said...

That is why we must have pets in our house! No matter how sad we might be, they do crazy things that make us laugh.

Connie said...

Karen, that is so true! They are wonderful companions! :)