Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Look Under Pellow


I LOVE looking under my ‘pellow’! I get post it notes and cards on my bed with this note quite often, and when I look under my pillow, it never fails, I have a love note from my daughter. It used to be the kids would leave little toys and whatnot on my bedside table. Items for me to see and appreciate before I went to bed, or, if they got up first, when I woke up. Offerings upon the altar of mom. I will sometimes still find a little stuffed animal on my table, or a doll sleeping under the covers, but it’s the notes I look forward to. Brian is not into the love notes and such… he’s more apt to use his words (and he does, often) and give random attack hugs. He’s a very sweet young man to his mom! But Honor writes me all sorts of letters.

This is a note I got the night we stopped for a cupcake treat after we picked Brad up from work. A note on a cupcake drawing. I love how Honor labels her pictures: “paper” “cupcake” “cherry”


“Dear mom Thank you for muffin day. Thank you very much. Now, on (the) cupcake, I’m going to write a po(e)m: Cupcakes, cupcakes, everybody likes cupcakes. Cupcakes, cupcakes, Ev(e)ry! Body! likes! cupcakes! Your(e) the best mom in the world. Please write back and put in mailbox. remember, always look under your pellow!!!!!”

Lately she’s been putting prices on her art in case we want to buy it… I lose all my change this way… She’ll often price them at 3-5JD (dinars) but will let them go for a coin or two. She started to price this one at either 3 quarters or 3 qirsh, but decided I could have it for free!


Here’s my Mother’s Day card. She put it under my pillow in a decorated envelope. One side:


She uses the triangle exclamation marks all the time now because Brian told her they were cool. Front of my card:


And the inside. Apparently, I rock, and wear tall hats!

DSC06689 And what do I feel about all this? There’s a note for it:  DSC06690

All those kids looking out for what the tooth fairy might bring? Pfft! They can’t beat what I find! So…


I will!


bettyl said...

That is the most awesome thing! Little girls are so loving in their communication! I'm glad you appreciate her efforts!

Shannon said...

I hope you save all these. This is why a wanted a girl, boys don't do these things. You are very lucky!

Connie said...

Betty and Shannon - oh! I do appreciate it! I love these! Boys aren't into notes that much. Sometimes Brian will make things for me. One of the latest ones was a secret message written with a hieroglyph stencil - he even made me a translator key so I could read it! Honor creates at all times. You should have seen the glitter I just finished sweeping up. Honor and her friends make each other notes and drawings at school too. I do save most of these notes (she writes a lot of them) - some I box up to save, but I keep some in my bedside drawer too :)

I'll Take Mine... said...

These are awesome!

Christine said...

How precious. Happy Mother's Day!

Rebecca said...

Oh my word, that is SO. ADORABLE!!!!

Connie said...

She definitely makes me feel loved! :)

Nicole said...

How sweet!! It's like mothers day...every day. Boys are definitely NOT into notes. Oh well, they show me their love in different ways. Some ways are just too gross to mention!!! :)

Jen said...

I just love surprises like that! Kelsey leaves me similar notes and they just warm my heart...