Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blowing by San Fran…

Twice now… Not sure who taught me to organize my writing, but well, it didn’t happen here! I was so eager to write about Santa Cruz that I flew right on by San Francisco, but I guess that makes sense as we barely visited the city.

We made sure to drive the scenic route… despite what our oh-so-patient GPS wanted us to do. The GPS told us to head inland and by-pass the city. But I headed west. The GPS would pause and patiently repeat, “Re-routing…”, as I persisted in heading off toward more interesting roads.


Six dollars to drive through this traffic, btw, and we were going the wrong way to find a pull-over spot (or at least there wasn’t anything marked very well on our side), but it was still a lovely ride.


We drove through town to sight-see a bit more. I remember telling the kids that they would see this city in many movies, that they ought to pay attention as they might see scenery that they would later recognize on film. Sure enough, we took them to see Cats & Dogs, The Revenge of Kitty Galore (which was corny, and not that good, at all, but cute enough for a one-time watch, and the effects were good, esp. if you have kids who like animals) and it was set in San Fran. The kids recognized a number of sites that we had pointed out.



and eventually headed over the next bridge… not as much to see outside this bridge, but it is a massive, HUGE, structure and if you are one to appreciate modern engineering and construction, this is a good drive.


We drove through the city, and on down to Fremont. Spent a couple of days there visiting with a couple of Brad’s brothers and family. The good thing about this trip was that it gave us a lot of family visiting, as well as interesting touring.

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