Thursday, September 23, 2010

In case of headache – post cats.

I was having a wonderful day… and am still in a good mood… but I’ve been jumped by a headache that is trying to eat my brain. I don’t feel like writing what I had planned on writing. I think that today is a good day for cute cat photos.

Our cats, especially the girls, have always loved riding in the laundry baskets, but Ninja has recently discovered the wagon!


Ninja also discovered canned peaches… Mmm!


Yes, she is being naughty for eating people food on the table, it’s something we normally do not allow, and it’s a rule they’re actually very good about, but she was soooo eager to taste Honor’s snack this day that we let her get away with bad manners. As for being on the table, we figure that’s an unenforceable rule, especially when the kids just get home after being away ALL day, but they have to do their homework, yet the cats MUST be with them because they missed them so much! We wash the table a lot, and do not let them up when we’re eating meals… which they are very good about... it’s a case of picking our (winnable) battles.

Everything is a cat toy.


Beanbags were invented for cats.


Honor helping me, being helped by her helper.


I generally do not let the kids do the dishes here as the water gets stupid hot, and with dual knobs for the water (instead of a single handle), it is hard to safely adjust the water. But, she begged to help. I let her wash and I did the rinsing. Ninja supervised.

Pa-Purr Air Play-ne!! Must. Have. Paper. Airplane!!


… as I said before, everything is a cat toy, and putting things up high is no deterrent! (esp. not to Pixie. Gravity does not apply to her.)


Waiting for her sister to bring down the prey.


Ok laser cat… come zap the headache away… please?


(The photo above, plus the one with Pixie in the bean bag, and the one with Ninja and Pumpkin hanging out with the pink basket, were some I just happened to find on my camera. I’ll assume they are the work of Honor.)

See, this is the best way to do homework… with a purring cat hanging out, sitting on your stuff, and swatting your markers off the table.


At almost one year old, the cats have grown too big to lay side by side on their tower … now we have to stack them vertically.


Honor just *thinks* this puppy is still hers. Ninja knows she is wrong. This is one of Ninja’s favorite ‘babies’.



Bfiles said...

I'm not a huge cat fan, but your cat pics are seriously entertaining! Never a dull moment with them around!

Connie said...

I think the reason why some folk do not like cats, is that they haven't met a well socialized cat. Cats love attention and play just like dogs, and do better as strictly indoor pets (keeps them more gentle - they do not develop a fight to survive attitude). Often, cats that are left to be more independent and standoffish from humans, will be just that! We've kept these guys indoors, and give them lots of attention, and so they've grown to be playful and very friendly.

bettyl said...

I never had a cat--for no particular reason--until I moved to NZ. The first one wasn't sociable, but the second was was very much so. When we get another one, after the January holidays, I hope we end up with another social one. They are so much fun!

Connie said...

Betty - I was very sorry to hear about your Phred. He truly seemed like a wonderful cat. I hope, when the time comes to bring home another cat companion, that you are blessed with one that takes over your family just as Phred managed to do, and as quickly too!