Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Peace One Day

I got an email from Brian’s teacher on Sunday saying that he was going to be participating in the Peace One Day assembly. If you’ve not heard of Peace One Day, here’s a link to the Wiki article. The kids have been talking about peace in class, and have done activities to discuss and learn about it. Honor’s class made paper doves to hang on a bulletin board, each dove carried a note on which the child wrote what peace means to them. Honor said it means caring for others. When I mentioned to Brian that both me and his dad planned on being at the assembly to hear him do his part… he was confused. What part? What was he going to say? Seems he got volunteered, and I got the email before he even heard about it! No matter, he can be very easy going about such things. He and the other kids practiced their parts on Monday, and this morning, did their thing.

Theirs was actually the last bit of the assembly. Some Korean families shared about Chuseok, the Korean thanksgiving. They had a slideshow, talked about some of the traditions, shared traditional food, and even had some of their children dress in the lovely and colorful garments that are worn at the time. Sharing cultures was a nice way to start the Peace assembly.

Some of the children shared poems, a book fair was announced, and kindness awards were given to four children (the kids get tickets when caught in the act of being nice – the tickets go in a jar, and the principal draws names every so often). Then it was Brian’s turn. He and about 10 other fifth graders helped the counselor explain her new ‘Peace wheel’ …. ideas for dealing with trouble or conflict. Brian and another boy demonstrated how you could ignore someone when they bug you… Brian was the bug! Another skit was about how to deal with rumors, and another was about what to do if kids are cheating in a game and annoying you. I think the kids did a great job! The assembly was concluded with a slide show and a song, then I had to leave and take Brad to work. I thought it was a pleasant way to start the day!

My gift to you – a moment of peace (and some purrs)


Emily said...

What a great assembly!
I think it is great that you knew about it before Brian did. It is good that he is flexible, and willing to be voluneered.

Connie said...

He can be so laid back, and can show a lot of self confidence. I am proud of him!