Sunday, January 16, 2011

Good Intentions

How cats can interfere with your plans to accomplish work or other projects.

You start out with good intentions. Gather your supplies, say, to do artwork. You set out a workspace, carefully gather paper, scissors, glue stick, and markers … and a needy cat climbs in your lap. Aww! Just a few pets… what could it hurt?


Before you know it, the cat starts purring, demanding a few more pets, and tries to push you over into a more comfortable nap position.


Next thing you know, you’re fully committed to snuggling, belly rubs, and possibly a snooze.


Art is forgotten, the cat wins. (Again).


Anonymous said...

Time for the Weekly State Department Round Up and you're on it. Please let me know if you would like to be removed, broken links etc.

Rebecca said...

Oh don't I know it! I have work to do, and my Livvy plunks herself in front of the computer screen ALL DAY LONG.

But she's so durn cute...

Connie said...

Livvy has her priorities straight! Besides, work is much better with cat love all over it ;)