Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Time out!

Ninja loves Honor. So much! Sometimes Ninja wants to spend toooo much time with Honor. She wants, no, needs(!), to ‘help’ her more than Honor wants to be helped! We can always tell when Ninja has been too ‘helpful’. She ends up in time out!


Actually, Honor is the one locked in a room, Ninja is simply unhappy to be locked OUT!

What was Honor doing? Setting up a daycare for all of her dolls. Ninja kept messing up her ‘homework folders’. Of course, Pixie kept interfering with ‘art class’ but she’s not as persistent as Ninja is.


No worry about Ninja being left out and neglected though… as much as the she’d like you to believe at times. Honor truly does spend a lot of time with her.



and Ninja is often a part of Honor’s games, even when asleep.


Besides, if Honor is too preoccupied to play with Ninja, she’ll come after me (usually with her Panda bear toy to beg a game of fetch!).

Speaking of being busy… I best go get that way. I have a special cake to make today!


Anonymous said...

Honor has septuplets?

Connie said...

Some of those 'babies' are much older than the others ... they don't 'age' much as she's careful with her toys. She only has one real baby, the cat... just ask Ninja ;)

hannah said...

Orange kitties are the best! Mine makes sure that every guest seated in my living room is completely comfortable... for him. He bounces lap to lap.

Connie said...

Hannah - I believe you! I never had orange kitties before, but these three have intense Siamese-like personalities, there's no ignoring them!

Nicole said...

Aaww, how sweet!
Loving kitties are much better than naughty mean kitties. Hope you all are having a wonderful start to the new year.

Connie said...

Loving kitties are the best! Honor is sleeping in this morning, and when I peeked in, there was Ninja, snuggled next to her, awake, but waiting for her girl to wake up :) The new year has started out wonderfully! Hope yours has too :)