Sunday, January 9, 2011

Naps – Do’s & Don’ts

Nap advice from the pros, in order of appearance: Ninja (the 1st two photos), Pixie, then Pumpkin.

Let’s start with the Don’ts

Do NOT trust floppy old State Department furniture. It will eat you.




Do NOT forget which way is up. Butt goes down, head goes up, or your nap will be interrupted by people laughing at you and taking your picture.


Do NOT expect to get much sleep when napping with awake children. (Do expect a lot of attention and love.)


And for heaven’s sake… do NOT ever attempt to take the Princess pillows away from a comfortable Pixie. Go somewhere else!


Now, for a demonstration on proper napping techniques… Do’s

Do Lay your head down


Do Grab a soft blanket


and snooze… or… DSC09055

Do find a nice lap, flop over on your back, and toss your dignity to the wind


(Except for the photo of Brian and Honor, all photos were taken by Honor, which is why most of them feature Ninja!)


Expat Mom said...

Oh that shot of Ninja sleeping upside down was hilarious!!

We just sent Stella back to you, enjoy!

Connie said...

Pumpkin is the one who forgot which way is up, and he is such a goof! I have no idea how he managed that as he really was sleeping upside down, standing on his head in the chair. Maybe he'd been on the back, slid down, and just stayed there?

I love the photos of Stella! I so wish I could put me in email and come visit too!! Your home is so pretty and green :) Thank you, and your whole family, for hosting her!

Sadie said...

Very adorable! My cats seem to think they need to be napping in such a way as to impede my use of the laptop. Typical. Great photos by Honor!

Connie said...

Thanks Sadie! Honor is pretty darn good with a camera. She gets really interesting shots that I never would think of.

Anonymous said...

That last photo -- the very trusting, relaxed kitty -- looks like my Cyber. When he lies in my arms that way, he feels like a human baby in a snow suit. I love it.

Connie said...

JEB - That's Pumpkin. He is a baby! He loves to be cuddled, and laying on his back in my arms in the perfect place. I didn't teach him that as I've never had a cat like it before. It's his thing. He used to reach that position by climbing to my shoulder in order to somersault into my arms upside down... not kidding.. ready or not, flip! If he missed, he'd try again. Took a few coffee baths to convince him to try another method. He'll actually meow at me first, asking permission, before jumping up now.

Jennifer said...

I love the pictures.
Now I want to take pix of MY animals!!
Mrs. Fallis

Connie said...

Jennifer - Honor was happy that you stopped by to her photos! :)