Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Rocking Chair and the History Channel

We’ve been having a very mild winter. Our coldest temps have been in the low 40’s. Mild. Which is probably for the best because we are not acclimated to anything much colder! A little bit of humidity lowering the ‘feels like’ temperature is tough on us! This morning was one of those days. Only 45F, but it is foggy and windy out. As we headed out to catch the bus, we remarked on the chill, the dampness, and that we could see our breath in the air.

Honor asks, “Do you remember the hotel with the rocking chair and the History Channel?” I had to think a moment. We travel a lot, and Honor remembers everything(!). This sort of question could reach back many, many years, but, I assumed that she meant something from our most recent trip, our R&R plus road trip last summer. I asked, “Do you mean the hotel on the coast in Oregon?” It was actually a sweet little vacation home we lucked into, but that was what she meant. She said, “Today feels like Oregon. I like Oregon!”


Then I pointed out that, in the morning silence of our neighborhood, all we could hear was the traffic several blocks away. Not the horns, but the rushing sound of the wheels. It sounded like the ocean in the distance.  Just like in Oregon. She loved that memory!”


We did a ton of adventuring last summer. A very busy tour of the Pacific Coast, the kids often talk about many of the sights they saw and the things they got to do, but I am also pleased that they remember the ‘little things’ as well. Like sitting inside a cozy cottage on a cold, rainy evening.. after a tiring day of hiking the beaches… snuggled into a rocking chair, and watching the History Channel.


Jill said...

I love taking trips with the kids ... and even more when they can pull tiny little memories out of their brains.

I've never been to Oregon - though I'm almost afraid to go because I'm pretty sure I won't want to leave.

I love cool weather - living in perpetual 60 degree weather would make me thrilled beyond belief!

And mid 40's is definitely chilly ... especially for this warm blooded girl. But I miss it... just not the humidity. :)

bettyl said...

How great is that! Our kids are starting to do the same thing--pulling little details from the past. Who knows what they will be telling their own children some day!

Connie said...

Our road trip last year was a ton of fun, and I am tickled to hear little things like this come back at us now. Oregon is very pretty. We enjoy our rare visits and it was nice to share with the kids now that they are old enough to appreciate it.

Connie said...

Betty - and what they remember to tell their kids some day was one of the main reasons behind our road trip. Making memories :)