Monday, February 11, 2008

Egypt Day

The elementary students at Brian and Honor's school have been exploring and studying Egypt and Egyptian culture since the beginning of the school year and this week they had a show to celebrate all that they have learned. Both kids' classes had Arabic songs they have been practicing for weeks. The elementary school also had a dance team that did a very nice job with some traditional dance routines. I didn't get a good picture of Honor while she was singing because she was too busy trying to read the screen behind her. She posed prettily in the audience though:

Brian waves to all his fans - Honor's class was in the front row and they know Brian because of Honor. All the kids were all yelling his name and he was trying to wave at them all at once.

and he has a chat with friends after their song:

And here are a few shots of the dancers. They did a lovely job, and everyone enjoyed the show:

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Christine said...

How cool! Your kids are getting so much out of living in a different country.