Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Happiest Valentine's Day

I have to say, that I thought our Valentine's Day was going quite nicely - but we were, quite nicely, outdone!

The kids had made their cards for their classmates... no 'storebought' cards this year - Brian's class had cards to fill out (for writing practice and so the kids could put more thought into it) - postcards with a "to:", "from" and a space for a personal note. Honor's class just made whatever the kids and their parents felt up to. Honor and I made little construction paper postcards. I wrote the "To:", she wrote the friend's name, I made a heart (for love, Honor insisted) and she signed her name. Brian also gathered up candy treats for his classmates and taekwondo friends.

So, off we go to school and the kids had a party filled fun day. Brad had an exciting day at work with two earthquakes. I never felt them as I was up and running around both times. Brad was on the top floor of his office building and had a couple of interesting rides as the height of the building amplified the movement of the ground. The quakes were actually centered in Greece, but they traveled.

Let's see, I made a nice dinner and a heart-shaped brownie dessert. Brad brought home a huge beautiful bouquet of red and white carnations and a handful of pink roses. Rather a lovely little Valentine's Day with just this, BUT the best news was in my email. My best friend from high school, Dorothy, wrote and told me that her wonderful boyfriend, Jesse, chose this day to ask her to marry him. She accepted. I am so very happy for them both! They are so wonderful together! We first met Jesse when we R&R'ed to Disney World in Florida. Dorothy brought him over to Orlando to meet us. We liked him right away, and we were very happy to see them together again during last summer's R&R in Sanibel, Florida.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to everyone! Especially DOROTHY & JESSE!!!


Christine said...

What a great Valentine's Day! We miss you!

Anonymous said...

may they be happy forever