Sunday, February 17, 2008

Those dinner conversations...

This one was my fault, I started it..
Me: "Brian, why is your chair half-way across the room? Are you being anti-social?"
Brian (laughing): "No!"
Dad: "Do you know what anti-social means?"
Honor (Never to be left out): "I do!"
Dad: "You do? What does it mean?"
Honor (without batting an eye): "Guess!"
(After a slight pause, we crack up. Honor must now know, that we know, that she doesn't know what the word means, but she doesn't flinch.. she's so smooth! She stays so cool, icy cool, and ... )
Brian: "I don't know Dad, what does it mean?"
Honor: "I know what it means Dad, but you better tell Brian."


Allen said...

LOl! That pretty funny!

Christine said...

LOL, that is funny!

grams said...

Love it!