Monday, February 11, 2008

Finally! Ballet lessons!

We've been trying to get Honor in a ballet class again for awhile now. Brian is old enough to participate in the after-school activities provided on campus, but Honor is not. So, while big brother gets to stay late and do all this fun stuff, (cooking, board games, origami, and, of course, Taekwondo) Honor has had to come home and nap... life is so unfair when you are only 4 years old!

Finally, several places have started up ballet classes... all at once! My friends and I were receiving several calls a day from different studios competing for our business. It was very silly.. I had to stop callers and ask where they were calling from, and as I am NOT a number person, I was having a heck of a time remembering who said what was available at ??what?? time! Finally, we settled on a place that is within walking distance from the school, and had two classes at reasonable times (ie. before Brian gets on the bus after his activities, and beats us home to an empty house).

Honor is very pleased. She has been very patient, but she is obviously very tickled to have her own special activity after school now too. It also gives me additional excuses for exercise. When we drop the kids off at school in the morning, Brad continues on to work. I turn around and walk a mile back to the house. For Honor's ballet days, I will have another mile to walk in the afternoon. We have our driver pick us up after the class though. I don't mind walking around town, but don't really like to have the kids out near this traffic.

Anyway, here are a few photos from our happy little dancer. In ballet you must learn poise and posture:

You need balance:

and you must be very flexible, which is not always as easy as the teacher makes it look:

She eventually got it though (with a little help)

and had so much fun that she can hardly wait until the next class!

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