Thursday, February 28, 2008

What's that on your head??

A cat! With collars and leashes.

I haven't been posting much because our internet is still frustratingly flakey. I finally managed to add the photo to the BBQ and Bubbles post from the 22nd. I have to admit I'm hurting when the internet goes down. I cannot get to my NEWS!!! How can I survive without the news??

Anyway... I am not sure why walking around with a toy cat was so entertaining, but what I liked is this is such a good example of the kids competing peacefully with one another. They are both very intense kids, but in different ways, so most of the time they aren't butting heads. There are times when they want to do the same thing, but even then, they often help one another. Or at least, they inspire one another. This project was a case of the latter.

Brian decided his cat needed a collar and tag. So he got out the craft supplies and made one. Honor saw it and decided to do so as well. She is working hard at reading, writing and spelling, and with a little spelling help from Brian and I, she even wrote her own tag.

Then they started running around with cats on their heads. Some things I try to analyze, some things I just enjoy...

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