Monday, September 29, 2008

Blast from the past - meme

My sister-in-law at Smiles and Trials is sharing this meme, so, where were you? Consider yourself tagged, just for stopping by!

15 years ago - Sep 1993 - One year married to the best guy on earth. Newly moved to Virginia - altho hubby was in England at the time... gotta love dual military life...this was but one of many separations during the first part of our marriage, but we knew we would face that and took it in stride. I was driving an ugly old land barge and discovered it was the perfect vehicle for DC. Never parked in. Didn't even have to look when merging, etc. Hmm? I don't have many photos back from then - wedding photos aren't digitized, no September photo - but here's one from the Halloween the year before. :-)

10 years ago - Sep 1998 - A few months before we left the military for good. Big life change for both of us, but it was time. Mom had heart surgery during which she suffered a massive stroke that left her in a near vegetative state. We moved to SC, with our two cats, to help Dad care for her. Over the next year, with tons of therapy, mom regained her ability to eat, speak, walk, etc. Her short-term memory was gone, and she still had difficulties with her health, but she was not confined to a home, and managed to outlive my father, her husband of 37 years, and continued to live comfortably for the next 10 years. No good digital photo from this time, so I'll dig into the past even further:

5 years ago - Sep 2003 - Mom to two wonderful little kids, we lived in the DC area again in a family-friendly neighborhood, near a nice lake. My father was to make his last visit to our home in order to see his new grand-daughter, little did we know, he would contract a fast moving lung-cancer and leave us before another year passed. I miss you Dad - hope you're keeping up with my blog!

3 years ago - Sep 2005 - Now in Cairo, almost one year, and gone native. Well, not really. But we had already decided that we really like it here. My babies aren't babies anymore.

1 year ago - Sep 2007 - The kids were one month into their first school year at the new school. They really loved it, and still do. It will be so hard to move away from this school. I quit work in the middle of this year to be a stay-at-home mom... huge challenge for me, but I can tell it was the right thing to do.

Today - Sep 29, 2008 - Kids are in school right now, and I am having a second cup of coffee. I'm tired from dealing with nightmares last night, and am thinking about how to stretch leftovers into dinner tonight. The family was hungry yesterday and my dinner plans for today were eaten.

Tomorrow - Sep 30, 2008 - Will be the start of the week-long 'Eid break from school. It was supposed to be one more day, but as this is based on the sighting of the moon, the schedule has changed. The month of Ramadan is drawing to a close, and Egyptians are preparing for the 'Eid. Brad has some days off, but will also be working some. We plan on hanging around the house and being lazy. I think we'll be getting together with neighbors tomorrow evening to make some Halloween crafts for a party.


Simple Answer said...

ooo. this was a good insight! you were both military?

And I like the new links you've put up. I'll have to try some of those resources!

Connie said...

yep. once upon a time. I don't think we have pics of us together in uniform though!

salah said...

WoW,,nice blog and keep posting..

i will be glad to stop at my blog and tell me your opinion as iam new in this :)

we can also exchange blog links if u wanna...just tell me...

it's really nice to see foreign people interested in our culture also thxx for EID MUBARAK item ..

Diane Mandy said...

What a great meme! I really enjoyed it and the photos!

salah said...

thx for ur comment connie , i wanna to exchange links with u u can take


and i will put urs in my blog

waiting ur reply

see u and keep blogging its great :)

Blacktating said...

Connie, you were a hottie!!! I love the pics. My oh my Honor was a chubby little thing!

Christine said...

Oh Connie, you look hot in that costume! Thanks for digging it out. I am sorry about your parents, I really didn't realize. Enjoy the time with the kids. :)

Expat Mom said...

Wow, you even have photos for your meme?! I`m so impressed! I don`t have pictures from before Guatemala. I`ll have to ask my parents to send some, but I think there are literally about 10 pics of me after the age of 14 or so. I hated cameras.

Very cool to see how you were. Love the camel picture, those fabrics look very similar to Guatemalan ones.