Sunday, September 7, 2008

Nesting Habits of the Domestic Kitty Cat

Ramses would have you believe that he is a sweet, innocent, little baby of a Siamese cat. Even though he is 11+ years old, even though he can be very pushy, when he wants to, against his big 'brother' Misty (big, as in, Misty outweighs him by about 10 pounds), and other evidence to the contrary. Truthfully, Ramses really is a sweet, innocent, little baby. He loves to be loved. He is big into eye-gazing, and rapt and total adoration. But, he is a lot more clever then he would like to let on. I'll share.

I kept finding a kitchen cabinet door ajar. I do not leave it that way, but in a house with kids, it happens. But what about when it's closed at night, and open before the kids get up? Hmm? Eventually, I caught Ramses sneaking out of his fort one morning. I felt bad about it, but I had to evict him. I usually wash anything before use from that cabinet (little used items that get dusty), but I also keep my potatoes and onions down there. I do not need a cat sleeping on our food! I blocked the door. We usually have a step-stool in the kitchen anyway, for my little helpers, so I used it as a barricade. Poor kitty.

Well, next morning, I found my rag drawer open. Yes, I keep a whole drawer full of rags - sorted by type and usefulness. I'm picky about what I like to clean with, depending on the job, and I am quick to throw one in the wash and grab another, mid-job if need be, when they get too dirty. I prefer to use bleach and hot water to re-use rags, than throw away tons of paper towels, wet wipes, and all those other throw-away clothes. But what was this??? Somebody had mussed my rags? And is that a dirty paw print?? Oooh!!

Well, I neatened things up, and thought that maybe it was a one-off thing. These drawers are obnoxious sometimes. If you do not close them 100%, all the way, just so, they'll slide open again. Maybe that had happened? And maybe the little smartie-(no)pants had just gone around trying doors and drawers until he found another good place to nest? Take a look at this next photo, and tell me, what do you think?!

(yea... I think he's laughing too...)


Mama Seoul said...

Paw Print Evidence! Cool cat.

Simple Answer said...

Cats kill me! They soooo dominate any place they are.

Cairo Typ0 said...

Aww he looks comfy! And if i may, you have a really nice kitchen! :)

Connie said...

Our place was redone before we moved in. Some bits (like the AC's and stupid halogen lights) were a complete FAIL, some, like the kitchen (complete w/cat beds?!) were definitely a WIN. I will miss the kitchen when we move.

Expat Mom said...

Lol! One thing about cats, they are so much sneakier than dogs! They think they are more intelligent than us (sometimes they are!) and try to get away with everything. I love that cat look when you`ve pissed them off and they shoot you this "I`m SO not speaking to you!" look. :D

Diane Mandy said...

Awwww. What a cutie!