Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kitty crack.. I mean, kibble

Well, no wonder I couldn't remember the name of that new food the cats like so much. It's "Purina One Special Care Advanced Nutrition Hairball Formula for Cats, chicken flavored, formulated with yogurt". So much easier to say "the hairball stuff in the blue bag". Well, they love it, and it seems to be much better on their sensitive tummies, so I think that I will love it too (although it smells icky... but I am not a cat). They BEG for it... the great thing about the video I posted previously is we have had Ramses over 11 years now, and have never seen him PUSH Misty out of the way for cat cereal! He'll assert himself for can food, people food, treats, and attention, but not cereal. Not until we finally found the good stuff.


Cairo Typ0 said...

I'm curious, is cat food expensive here?

Connie said...

Brand name cat food is probably more expensive, 20-30le, no-name stuff is cheap. According to what my friend tells me, I shop at the commissary. There are a lot of pet stores and grocery stores with pet food and other supplies. It's not scarce, so it's not bad.