Friday, September 19, 2008

How good?

So how good is this new cat food? Is it finger-lickin' good, just like the Colonel's secret recipe? That might be good for cats, right?

No, it's better than that! It's "shove your beloved brother's face out of the bowl so you can get more" good:

... and no, I can't think of the brand name right now. We threw the bag away! We bought it for the smaller sized kibble as our cats are elderly and Ramses hasn't many teeth left. I am sure we'll be able to find it when shopping tomorrow. I think it is Iams adult formula, but I could be totally wrong. Whatever it is, it's absolutely addictive to our felines!


Expat Mom said...

Hmm, we need some of that for Tasha, except in dog form. She HATES her puppy food and has decided to become anorexic. Except for some beans she found somewhere that made her terribly ill. Silly puppy.

Stacey G. from NY said...

Hello, Do you really live in Egypt? I never knew anyone from there. Would love to share my blog if you would like to email me.
Your children are beautiful!

Cairo Typ0 said...

My dog used to do that - push other dogs out of the way if they hadn't been smart enough to eat their dinner more quickly. Then again, my husband does it too. LOL