Monday, September 15, 2008

Made it...

Well, I got through yesterday. Was it only yesterday?? Wow. Headaches make for a long day. I'm doing better today. I think it is sinus related. I don't feel ill, but my nose isn't behaving. The air was nasty and hot this weekend and I'm sure that's what happened to my head. That, and we're all still recovering from a head cold that was going around, arm-in-arm with a mild fever, the week before. Yesterday gave me one of those lovely 'compressed brain' sinus aches. At least it eased up for the most of the afternoon and evening.

Quieter day today. I had to get Honor to the clinic for a her last two immunizations for school. She was so brave, she sat still, and held her arm relaxed. I always tell the kids to pretend their arm is asleep - they do, and having the muscles 'sleep' really makes the needle hurt less. She only cried a little, in her words, 'only two tears'. She got the typhoid shot though, and that is not a nice makes your whole arm hurt, and she has such a skinny little arm! Poor baby. At dinner she had to ask me to move her drink to the other side of her plate because she didn't want to move.

After dinner, I attended a meeting of moms. We have so many new kids in our building - what a change! It looks like we are going to have one heck of a Halloween party. Probably potlucks, birthday parties and other events too. My kids are thrilled to have others their age to play with - I'm thrilled to have other parents who are interested in making our building into a 'community'.

I'm hoping tomorrow is even quieter than today was. I also hope bookcases I requested are delivered when they say they will be (ha!). I plan on spending part of the morning helping the kindergartners with picture day, so the delivery guys can't catch me early. Then, I have to be out in the afternoon to get Honor from school. I have a short window in the afternoon, guys... better make it work! ... I need the shelves. I collapsed an old and crappy bookcase (too many moves vs. cheapo wood and construction) and we now have 6 shelves of books in boxes. Some in the way in the kitchen because I am working on tearing up the office and kids' computer desk.

I decided I wanted to use some of the geek-fest of parts we have saved to cobble together another frankenstein-ish desktop system for the kids to use. This involved swapping desks, shelves, power strips, somehow the treadmill got involved... I dunno... it's chaos right now, but I'm starting to see things come together... bookcases would help. A lot. I might try to show some before and after pics, eventually...or maybe, 'middle and after shots' because I don't have 'before' pics. And sorry, I was too ticked off to get a shot of the collapsed bookcase.. which is too bad, I may not be able to laugh about it (yet) but it might have made someone else feel better about their day! Not tonight. I think tonight is done. I think I need sudafed, a soft pillow, and sleep.


Claire said...

Sounds like a veritable hive of activity!


Cairo Typ0 said...

Simply reading that made me tired! I'm far too lazy to get that much done in a single day. Consider me suitably awed. :)

Connie said...

Didn't mean to imply this was 1 day's activity. :-) I've been tearing things up for a couple days now - which is actually very good for me, and a new thing - usually I will try to make a project like this happen in one day! Maybe I am actually learning to pace myself?!?! But, I have come to a point where I NEED the bookcases now in order to go much further.