Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cat food fairy and baby sugars

Honor is determined to do everything by herself. She is a very independent 5yo! Fortunately, this usually translates into a good bit of real help around the house. She loves to care for things - her dolls, her plush animals, make-believe creatures, and yes, family members and pets. She was very conscientious about taking care of her class pet guinea pig, who stayed with us over the holidays, and has always been great with our cats too.
She was slow eating her dinner tonight, and as the last one at the table, the cats thought she'd fall for their pitiful begging and give her some treats from her plate, but no. She was a good kitty-mommy and was stern. No scraps! She did promise them a can of food when she was done. She kept her word too. As soon as she was done, scraped her plate, and put things in the sink - and I want no comments about the pile of dishes, this was right after cooking and cleaning off the table! - she got a can of cat food, set up their eating area, and got to work opening the can. I worry about her opening pull-tops ... I try to explain that some things and tools are made too big for kids to use safely, but what do I know? ... and sure enough, right after I took the picture, she cut her finger. She didn't panic though. "Mom. I cut my finger." Very brave. It was a little cut, and we even finished feeding the cats before cleaning her up. I'm sure it won't stop her from feeding the cats again.
Speaking about caring for and loving on... a good friend recently had her baby after a long, difficult pregnancy. We almost thought Brian might be sharing his birthday with our newest little neighbor, but she took her time and almost made it to her due date. I won't blog details because she's not my baby to blog about, but I will blog about my babies... ok, big kids... but I was tickled to watch how they reacted to meeting this tiny new human. Honor held the baby in her lap, and, while she was happy, she did not move. She talked to her and held her hand. She went home singing songs about the baby being better than ice cream and cake - she really does have a song for everything. Brian got to visit the next day - he'd missed out on the baby's first day home because he was out at Taekwondo - and he was even more thrilled than Honor, if that is at all possible, to meet the baby. He did a lot more looking and observing and commenting. He even came back to hold her a second time during our visit. Both kids have been asking a ton of questions about when they were babies. They are especially fond of stories about how possessive little Brian was of his new baby sister when we first got her home. Good memories. And good new memories of my little kids, getting to be big kids, as they marvel over the miracle of a newborn baby girl.

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LiLu said...

Aw. It is things like this that make me think maybe I could actually pop one out one day... MAYBE.