Friday, January 9, 2009

It's Party Time!

Brian had his birthday already, but we saved the party for this weekend. This is the last weekend before school starts again, so it was a good time and excuse to get some kids together and play. Brian picked out a bouncy castle, and selected the menu too. It's nice to have a big boy to help out with things like this.
It was a nice sized bouncer - good for a whole pile of kids, and included a barrier around the edges, so we brought a bag full of inflatable beach balls too.
The club made a nice cake and put sparklers on the cake as well as candles...
Trick candles!
Brian even got to cut the cake (with a little help).
Honor found some time to play on the slide...
... and some time for the 5yo version of chicken.
Honor started the day cranky and grumpy, for some reason, and it showed here and there throughout the day.
Fortunately we were able to cheer her up easily.
All and all, we had a very happy day.


Christine said...

Happy Birthday Brian! Love your cake!

Lydia said...

Happy Birthday, Brian! Hope you had a fun day!!