Monday, December 7, 2009


Napping (or otherwise trying to sleep) in a house with kittens is an adventure at times – usually a cute adventure though.

“Yay!” “Mom is on the couch!” “Dibs on her head!” See, we can start off comfy and snuggly…


But behavior quickly degrades… Pumpkin was messing with my ear, Ninja was cleaning my eyebrows (good to keep mom properly groomed), and yes, that is Pixie’s little butt in the air as she dove under my head.


Fortunately, kittens tire quickly and the napping can truly begin.


And what do you mean “No sleeping on the table? It’s not like you let us eat up here!”



Tanya said...

Connie they are so cute I am envious of your purr scarf!

Rebecca said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! They are SO cute! SO SO cute! I have got to get me another kitten! My baby is all grown up now.

I love the photos!

Nicole said...

Yikes! Kitten clawa are so stinkin sharp, that could get a bit scary!! They are cute at that age though. Dont you have an older one as well? I know you had one pass away this year but wasnt there another one?

Connie said...

Tanya - my purr scarf if very warm and snuggly! I love it.

Rebecca - my little babies are growing fast! They're not the little roly-poly fluff balls we brought in. But we hold them and play with them and keep them indoors 100% of the time, so they are very tame and socialable. I'm hoping to keep them 'kittens' forever!

Nicole - Our kittens get weekly baths (which they don't appreciate, but they are getting used to it) and regular manicures! I wait until they're sleeping on my lap and start snipping! And we lost both of our elderly cats before we left Cairo :( We lost the big guy due to sickness, and the little guy - who was the thinnest and most frail due to age - stopped eating. He missed his brother very much. We tried to tempt him and gave him lots of love, but he didn't have the reserves to make it through. We lost him too. The kids were esp. close to Ramses and they missed him terribly. bog about Ramses When we found these 3 kittens in the garden, Honor suggested that they were sent by our kitty angels. :)

brian b. said...

your kitties are way too pretty!