Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Very Merry Day!

Brad is doing better today and back in a regular hospital room! He’s still going to be in hospital for a couple days or so, but the doctors are happy with his progress.

Brad had got us tickets to go the “Breakfast with Santa” event at the Embassy and fortunately, I managed to remember it and locate the tickets! Brad, of course, missed out, but I made sure to bring the camera. I also ended up bringing our new neighbor in, and invited her to use Brad’s ticket so she could join us. I guess it would have best if I’d have thought of inviting her, say, in advance, instead of just meeting up randomly and sort of hijacking her along, but I am not at all organized or firing on all cylinders these days. It worked out fine, and that’s all that mattered. We got to know each other a bit, exchanged phone numbers, and got off to a good start.

Before breakfast, we got to meet Santa! Thanks Santa for taking the time out of your busy schedule to spend some time with us. The kids loved talking with you!

Honor was a bit shy, and couldn’t quite meet eyes with Santa, but she asked for a wolf when he asked what she wanted for Christmas.



As for Brian, he had to first convince Santa that he is only 8 years old (our boy has gotten tall!),then Brian told him that he’d really like a dragon for Christmas, and I didn’t hear the details, and maybe I am wrong?! But I believe I might have heard Santa and Brian discuss how handy it might be to have a dragon around for dealing with naughty people! (I am glad Santa has a good sense of humor!)



A wolf and a dragon… hmm? Won’t the kitties be surprised!

Next we had a very nice breakfast. Everything was quite tasty, but they won me over with the cheesecake bites. I haven’t had cheesecake in a long time!


I dropped the kids off after we left, to play with some friends, and went to the hospital. Brad was happy to be able to see the photos, even if he didn’t get to participate. I arrived just in time to help him get moved out of the Cardio Care Unit, to a regular care room. He was not wearing the oxygen tube this morning either. Good to see him looking so well!! The doctors continue to be positive about his progress too.

By the time we got home, I was too wiped out to cook, so I ordered some Shish Taouk chicken and mixed grill meats from Faroujna (which means “Our Chicken” in Arabic). They have a nice selection of grilled meats, french fries, and local style mezze, with hummus, fatoush salad, etc. The kids LOVE the bread. This is the 2nd time we’ve ordered from them and 2nd time we’ve been very please with the food, fast delivery, price, and generous portions. We had Chinese from a restaurant called Wox last night and we pleased with that too – fast delivery, good food etc. but we’ve only ordered from them once. I should do a better review of both some other time.

We talked to Brad for a time at the kids’ bedtime so they could tell dad about their day and wish him a good night. :)

I got my 2nd wind after the kids went to bed, and made a couple of Ishta fruits (or are they berries?)into Ishta Cashew Cookies… after I invented Ishta Cashew Cookies that is… and I think they are pretty darn tasty. We’ll take some to Brad tomorrow. I’ll have to post the recipe later. My 2nd wind did not last long and it is bedtime.


Tanya said...

A dragon AND a wolf just as well you have a bigger house!! Very glad to hear Brads on the mend.

Connie said...

I guess the kitties can learn to share their scratching post and jingle balls :D We just got back from visiting Brad and the doctors had him walking the halls this morning to check his breathing/blood oxygen. He did just fine :)

Veronica said...

Great news that Brad is progressing so well, it is a worry one can do without. Glad he enjoyed the leghorn humour ... ;-)
Move over kitties for the other wildlife!

srsr said...

I see Brian is still asking for a dragon. Maybe, of these years...