Saturday, December 19, 2009

The floor looks cool

Marble is pretty, and shiny, smooth and nice on bare feet… and so, so, cool. When you’re running a 102+ fever, that coolness is very inviting! I only resisted temptation with the thought that it would be pure hell to get back up off of the floor when I started freezing again, and that having the family wake to find me laying there might truly freak them out.

What am I blathering about? Oh, you know, the flu. Finally had my turn. What horrible timing too as it struck when Brad was still in the hospital.

Sunday, I was a happily busy girl… shopping, cleaning, running around… you name it. Got the kids home from school, fed, homework done. They were off playing, and I was excited to be making plans for the next day, which held a strong probability of Brad being discharged. Then, I got cold, which isn’t too strange.. that happens, especially as I open windows for fresh air (radiators really dry out the house) and if the wind turns it can get chilly fast. So, I checked windows. I checked radiators. I danced around, jogged in place, leaned on the radiator, even washed dishes in hot water… and my hands still shook and my fingernails stayed purple. Kids didn’t seem cold – but they were running and playing. I even joked with Brad about my being cold when we called at the kids’ bedtime. It wasn’t until a couple hours later that I thought to check the house temperature – 79F! The house was NOT chilly. So I finally checked me, 101F and climbing. Oops. It was late and I didn’t want to wake Brad, so I texted to let him know that I was ill and that it might complicate his getting out. I took a motrin, and not feeling bad otherwise, went to bed.

I soon, within an hour or so, felt very “bad otherwise”. My skin hurt, my bones hurt, my insides boiled and my stomach was trying to climb out through my kidneys and strangle me with my own entrails. I took Motrin and aspirin, rotating, every three hours… the fever didn’t go over 102F, but it didn’t drop below 101F either… for almost 48hrs. I had two nights where the fever and chills would get so bad that I’d alternate wanting to hug the marble floor (I satisfied myself by opening a window and enjoying a cold night breeze) and then, a few hours later, bundling under the covers freezing.

I got the kids out to school the next day – barely – and dragged myself inside again. A few hours later, poor Brad came home from the hospital by himself. He got a ride. I managed to unlock the door for him and that’s about it. He probably has some teasing points earned because of my abandoning him at the hospital in his time of need – say, enough to pick on me for the next 20 years or so – but I guess I looked bad enough that he hasn’t said a single thing (yet). He even limped out to meet the kids at the bus that afternoon because I couldn’t. We had 2, or was it 3?, nights of pizza because neither of us could stand in the kitchen to cook. No laundry was done, no cleaning,etc., fortunately the kids were in school this week and are pretty independent!

On Wednesday, the high fever turned off as suddenly as it turned on. Still some low temps and general un-wellness followed, but I was recovered enough to drive him to his appointments and stay conscious for extended periods of time.

I was awake ALL day today. Went shopping, got some laundry done, cooked… normal stuff! I still have no appetite,  as my system is still fried and out of whack, but I think I am back. Brad is feeling good too. He limps, but there are no winces of pain from where the clot hurt so bad before. We’ve got to go out to a blood test this weekend, but otherwise, business as usual. Speaking of which, he’s feeling good enough to go to work this coming week too! Although we are hoping to enjoy some nice long weekends with the holidays coming up.

I sure hope everyone else stays healthy! We’re done with this nonsense. The kids have had more than their fair share too… and if you’re reading now, I mean this for you too – stay healthy so you can enjoy the holiday season!


Donna said...

Oh no! Get better quick. (we have some sort of stomach flu situation going through our house - can't wait to get it myself...)

Lydia said...

Ugh, I hate being sick. And you know, I haven't had a fever for the longest time. Seriously, I'm trying to think of the last time I had a fever and skin hurting sickness. Oh well, I probably just jinxed myself there and will be having those symptoms right in the full swing of Christmas! Yay for feeling better, though!

Shannon said...

Ugggh! You have certainly had a run of bad luck. Hope everyone is feeling better and stays well.

Connie said...

Adults do not seem to handle fever as well as kids :p Thank goodness it was us being sick this time and not the kids... they've had more than their share already this year! Stay well everyone!

Tanya said...

Oh no Murphys Law!! I loved how you said you wanted to hug the marble floors...brilliant description I had an instant visual running through my head :) Glad you're are both on the mend...have a fabulous christmas I'm looking forward to next years adventures and stories! Much love to the family xx

Veronica said...

It seems to me that it never rains but it pours!
I hope there has been a vast improvement by now for you both.

Expat Mom said...

My goodness! You guys had better just be getting all your sick out so you can have a super healthy 2010!

We have tile floors (concrete in our bedroom still) and they really are nice on hot days. The boys and Irving always lay on the floor while watching TV on days when the heat is unbearable.

Hope you feel better now!