Wednesday, December 30, 2009

For those who live in actual cold places

How about a warm, fuzzy post? Not a ‘feel good moment’ type of warm fuzzies, but honest to goodness warmth and fuzzies? Like this:
Don’t you wish you were little enough to snuggle a stuffed toy like this?
How about sharing a couch with your sibling while watching tv?
Let’s see… what else can I do? How about some freshly baked cookies?
Thank you to Expat Mom – who posted some adorable photos of her boys making these cookies - for sharing the recipe (which is located on her cooking blog). These are very tasty and we had a great time decorating too!
I am not a very experienced cookie maker. I am only barely teaching myself how to bake desserts. (although I am trying! btw, I finally posted a photo on my Ishta Cashew cookie recipe if you are curious what the fruit looks like cut up.)  I did pretty good with these sugar cookies, but as anyone who knows me could tell you… I can’t follow a recipe to save my life, and I altered this one too, unintentionally (mostly). When I mixed all the ingredients, the mix was too crumbly, and dry, and did not look like it would roll out properly. I added a bit of milk. Then, worrying that it might be too liquid-y, I added the egg yolks that I had separated from the whites that I needed for the frosting. I also added a bit of vanilla to the frosting – I wanted lemon or orange, but didn’t have juice or flavoring, so vanilla it was, with no effect on color or consistency. My dough was a bit sticky, and I had to roll it out on wax paper. I didn’t have cookie cutters available either, and rather than tracing cardboard cut-outs as was suggested (great idea!), I just free-handed with a knife to make diamonds and triangles, and used a measuring cup to make circles.I didn't do the piping for the frosting as shown (in detail!) with the recipe - I was running out of time - but we did just fine with spoons, fingers, and toothpicks.
Anyway, picture yourself with a cup of cocoa, a couple of these delicious cookies, and a cuddly kitten. Warming up yet?
No? Hmm… how about warm hats and scarves? Brian asked for a red scarf – home-made – for Christmas. I thought that was a great idea, and expanded on it:
I got yarn to make a set for me too – I just did not have enough time before Christmas to get it done!  I started with this pattern for the hats, but I wasn’t happy with the results, so I altered as I went. I also made the ribbing at the bottom a bit different by alternating hdc and fpdc around. Sorry, no notes. I think I’d have liked the pattern as is if my yarn were thicker - this pattern was a great foundation for me to work off and easily alter... but like any 'recipe', I can't leave well enough alone!
The scarves are pretty basic crochet – Honor's and Brad’s are 25dc across, each row, until I thought it looked long enough, and Brian’s scarf, because it was a solid color and I wanted it to have a bit of a pattern, was: *3 rows dc (25 stitches per row), 1 row hdc, 1 row sc, 1 row hdc* – repeated until it looked long enough. Both ends of each scarf had a couple rows of sc as a good foundation for the fringe.
By now, I hope you are feeling cozy and comfy… and in case you need a little bit extra, I’ll sign off with a little bit more of this - Snuggle Ninja!
(btw – kitten photos are by Honor)


Expat Mom said...

Honor is a great photographer! I love the shot of them both on the couch . . . they're getting so looooong. :D

I'm glad the cookies turned out so well, though I may add to the recipe that it does seem a tad crumbly at first, you just have to knead it a little. That's because this recipe doesn't require chilling (which would be a softer dough before chilling) . . . I'm impatient and don't like to wait for my cookies, lol.

Those scarves look super cozy! I can't wait to get some yarn so I can start making stuff again.

Connie said...

Honor is getting very good with the camera! I think the last photo is calender quality :)

Ok - next time I'll knead longer before heading off on a tangent. I get impatient too! At least the recipe was very forgiving. I often don't make desserts because we don't eat much dessert. It's not worth it unless it is something that can last because we often throw too much away! But these cookies are GOOD! We'll eat these! I even have to put my foot down and tell the kids NO COOKIES! Enough for now :D

I hope to hear about your yarn projects when you start up again. I like string! The website where I found the hat pattern is a nice one - she has a lot of practical, free patterns. I've started following her blog too.

Rebecca said...

Gosh those cats are adorable. I want to squeeze them.

Connie said...

Rebecca - they'd probably like a squeeze, unless they are in full-blown play mode and then they don't even want to stop long enough to be held. But typical of cats, they spend much of the day in a snuggley and sleepy mood. :D