Wednesday, April 7, 2010


ambiance (n.)  ambience, atmosphere, mood, spirits, vibes

Yet another reason to have pets – ambiance. I mean, they constantly emit sparkling rays of love!  You can’t help but feel hugged.. just look at them!… it gets all over you! That’s got to be healthy.

This is also an example/excuse of why we ended up keeping all three kittens, they are all very close to one another. They fuss and fight and try to push each other around… as all siblings tend to do… but they also play very nicely together and are always very sweet to one another as well.


Love is spread. I did my good deed for the day.


SeeThroughGreen said...

ooooohhhhhhh!!! that is so cute!!
I had 2 cats before. one was a tiny little white fluffball and the other was her son... a big grey and silver tommy if I ever saw one. One day manny (the male) scratched my baby brother (baby at the time hes bigger than me!) but ohhh no... Kiki (the mom) literally sprang off the couch and beat manny over the head until she got him in a corner. she turned around to walk away, he gave a feble hiss... and she whipped around and smacked him again upside the head.
now that is proactive parenting lol! :P

Bfiles said...

ok, I'm not a huge fan of cats, but that's really cute. Are they siblings?

Connie said...

Smart mama cat! :D Cats are very smart critters and I've always had the rule with kids, well, first, no teasing, but if you do tease and get scratched... the kid will be in trouble, not the cat. Usually, a well treated (and/or mama trained!) cat won't scratch on purpose, esp. not a small child.

Connie said...

Bfiles - Yes, they are 2 of 3. Pixie is the pale girl, and Pumpkin is our big ginger boy. The have a dark orange sister named Ninja. We found this litter of tiny feral kittens in a ledge garden at our house shortly after we moved in. We only planned to keep two of them, but that didn't work out! We keep them inside (for their health as well as ours) and that really keeps them tame and kitten-like. It's kind of funny - on one hand, these kittens are very clever and I could see them surviving as street cats, but then one will flop into my lap, belly up and completely at ease with anyone who comes up to give belly rubs and I think that there's no way these (spoiled) critters could ever be wild!

Anonymous said...

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Julia said...

the cats are really cute love Rachel