Sunday, April 25, 2010


I am pleased that we have been blessed with schools that do so much to promote reading. Both kids truly enjoy books and do not have to be pushed to read… quite the opposite, we have to take books from their hands at bedtime. Every night. This is good.

One event this year was Library week, where books, reading, authors, etc. were shared and celebrated. One day was set aside for the kids to dress as a favorite character. Honor has been reading a bunch of Princess and fairy books, so she decided to go as Tinkerbelle, and Brian, who didn’t want to dress up, didn’t have to. He’s enjoying the “Encyclopedia Brown” series and so he dressed as a regular kid (I did manage to get him into a polo shirt, like the cover illustration, rather than his usual t-shirt), and he brought one of his books.


After I took this photo, “Encyclopedia Brown” went off to do his homework…


and TInkerbelle went out to the garden to color rainbows.


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