Sunday, April 25, 2010

Belly rubs!

Can’t you just read his fuzzy little mind? “I need my belly rubbed!”


He’s getting to be a big guy! His sisters are still very dainty.

“Why’d you stop?”


I’ve never known a cat who NEEDED as much holding, snuggling, and belly-rubbing, as Pumpkin. Ramses was a snuggler, but he didn’t like to be picked up and cradled like a baby too often… Pumpkin insists upon it. He still does his ‘somersault off the shoulder, upside down into my arms’ trick… he does it more often than simply climbing into my lap and rolling over… it puts him in the perfect belly rub position.

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SeeThroughGreen said...

aww! what a cutie! I miss having kitties! they are so loving and adorable!