Monday, April 26, 2010


I love to travel the world by internet and to learn about various places and posts as seen through the eyes of other expats and foreign service bloggers. I’m not under any delusion that I might be studying for a particular future post, the future moves around too much! I simply enjoy the stories, adventures and photos of my fellow uprooted and transplanted wanderers.

Not only do people pack up and go elsewhere on a regular basis, they are often accompanied by their non-human family members. We can read blogs by human travelers all over the web, but did you know that there is now a doggie blogger posting about life as a diplopet? Noostie has a blog at FS Tails telling tails, I mean, tales, about life as a foreign service dog.

Noostie's closeup 

Several of Noostie’s posts give information and ‘been there, done that’ advice about travel. There are also guest posts from other famous diplopets. Our very own Princess Pixie was recently published as a guest blogger, and she provided a bit of local information for other pets who are looking to bring their families to Amman. (They grow up so fast, don’t they? One minute they’re chasing their cute little tails and pouncing on plastic spiders, and the next they’re reaching out to sponsor their peers.)

If you are accompanied by an outgoing diplo- or expat-pet, who would like to share their experiences with overseas travel and life in random countries throughout the world, please have them contact Noostie at FS Tails, as guest bloggers can help expand this travel resource and journal – by pets, for pets (and their humans). Traveling with our animal family members can be tough sometimes, and it helps to have advice from seasoned travelers, tips and tricks, do’s and don’t’s, and local resources when possible.

Thanks for sharing Noostie!


SeeThroughGreen said...

lol! this is awesome! TY for sharing :D

Anonymous said...

Oh how fun! I'm so glad the Princess got to post on that nifty site!

Connie said...

Well, you know that she is the most precocious! It's a great site... good idea to gather stories from pets who travel. Entertainment and information :)