Monday, April 5, 2010

Seven Heaven

Honor was sooooo excited about her birthday this year! I had lists and instructions… including labeled picture diagrams and other instructions! She even drew her own birthday poster…DSC06255

One instruction I received, in great detail, was the need for a new teddy bear, and not just any bear, but a Unibear – half bear, half unicorn – and it had to be soft and snuggly. Well, I went to the local toy store where I found a whole wall full of bears. I found the cutest ones possible, then each had to pass the hug test. This one was THE best!


I sewed a unicorn horn and tail (tied on) for her. The horn looks a little like a party hat though so I may have to work on it a bit more. I left a note on Honor's door with a list of things to do when she woke up on her birthday…. Go to living room, find Unibear, hug Unibear, Hug mom and dad, etc.

First thing we did in the morning, was head out to the Embassy for their Easter Egg hunt.


It was a sunny and warm day – good day for a family outing.

Honor stayed near me.


Most photos I caught of Brian were long-distance. The kid is fast! (And would you believe, he’s officially grown to 5ft tall now?!)


Me and my sweeties.


After hunting eggs, we skipped the party was very crowded! We left the clowns and face painting to the littlest kids... and went on to the club for brunch. We beat the crowd.

DSC06272 DSC06273

When we got home, we spent the day celebrating Honor’s birthday.

First she opened a couple of presents. One was a package of colorful socks (from Ninja, of course!)


She also got a fun garden dart game.


It was such a nice day outside that we went right out and played a game.


After our game, we had a snack of chips and salsa on the patio, and then we came in. Honor made her own birthday cake (I helped).


I really need to get cake decorating tools. I made some lovely butter frosting for decor (the dark chocolate was from the store), but didn’t have anything other than spoons and chopsticks to paint with! Her request, a bear and flowers, turned out ok. It was declared the ‘best birthday cake ever’ so I guess it was a success. Still, proper tools would be nice. The light brown frosting was colored with cocoa (hot cocoa mix) powder and was verrrrrry tasty – I’ll have to remember that. It was so good, that Honor decided to name her bear “Cocoa”.


After a dinner of Honor’s choosing (chicken, with sides of fresh carrots and corn on the cob), we sang "Happy Birthday" in English and Arabic and enjoyed the cake with homemade vanilla ice cream.


Honor opened the rest of her presents. Everything was definitely rock-n-roll themed this year, she loves music, so we got her some nice ‘rockin’ clothes and shoes, CDs, a big CD case (to be organized), some music books for guitar, and a couple of other toys and things.


The cats were a big ‘help’.



A fun day for our Happy Birthday girl!


Limningedge said...

Happy Birthday Honor!

Anonymous said...

Darling pictures! And Happy Birthday, Honor!

Love the first picture with her in it - where she's wearing the sunglasses - she totally looks all Hollywood Starlet!

And my heavens, your kitties are beautiful!

SeeThroughGreen said...

yayyy!! happy birthday!!!
The cake looked awesome and the unibear is the cutest darn unibear I have ever seen in my life!!
woohoo for the big 7 man!!

Bfiles said...

happy bday to your little girl! I'm an FS candidate...I linked to your blog from mine.

Christine said...

Happy Birthday Honor! That was an awesome cake!

Connie said...

Hiya sis! I'll pass on the Happy Birthday to Honor :) The cake was delish! (and the making of it a lot of fun because I got to share it with my little/big girl!)

Expat Mom said...

An extremely belated birthday to your beautiful girl! I really like her dress and love that she made her own cake and had a hand in everything to celebrate her birthday. :D Great job on the cake without tools, too!