Saturday, February 21, 2015

Critters and Claws

More photos from January. Here are some of the animals in our life these days, and some photos from a mother-daughter day at the spa.

This is a view from our upstairs window. We have a family of 4 deer who consider our back yard their home.


Sometimes, making up the bed is not an option. Pixie is too cute to move.


Ninja is not sure what to do about our backyard ‘neighbors’. They’re not scary, but they are close and quite big too.


Pumpkin NEEDS attention.


I showed Honor an old video of “The Surfin Bird – Bird is the Word” song by “The Trashmen”. I don’t remember what made us look it up, but we found the video and it’s hilarious. I grabbed some photos of Honor’s expression as she watched it!


Sunbeams and cats equal the perfect nap zone.


Brian is making up proud at school.


Honor and I went out for some girly fun. We had our hair cut and nails done.


And Pixie looks like she is up to no good.


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