Sunday, February 22, 2015

Goodbye January…

This year has been zipping on by, and January was gone in a flash. We were busy with school and work and normal things and then, it was just gone.

We had another good snow on the 27th, followed by a bright sunny day or two. Still cold, but pretty. I like the view from our window upstairs. It’s nice to wake up to the sights and sounds of nature. This first one I took right from my pillow. It’s the view I have when I wake up.


This is from one of the side windows.


Our back yard. Overgrown now, but so much potential!


Of course, Pixie, my shadow, likes to share in whatever I am doing. She’s such a pretty girl.


Nice view from the front windows too.


Snow pants! Next year we definitely need to get snow pants! And boots.


At least we have warm cats to help thaw us out when we come back in.


Ninja, in a not so graceful moment…


A lovely sunrise before school. Magical crayon colors in this one.


And homework time. Properly supervised, of course.


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