Friday, February 20, 2015

Heigh Ho! Here’s a Skyrim Ninja Duet!

I haven’t shared any videos of the kid’s piano lessons in quite some time, so here’s an update.

Brian is working on a piano version of the theme music for the PC Game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  We found the sheet music from the website of composer Joyce Leong who shared her cover of the music. Brian started working on this piece with his last teacher in Kuwait, but hadn’t got too far on it when we packed up to move July of last year. We didn’t get the keyboard here until the end of October, and we just found a new teacher here in Maryland at the start of the year. They’ve had about 4 lessons with the new teacher and so far seem to really like him.

Brian decided to continue with this song, and has picked it up where he left off and marched on! He’s almost got it and it’s sounding very nice. One of the challenges of piano practice in this house though, is sharing the piano with cats. Ninja decided this particular performance should be a duet.

Honor is playing the pop song “Heigh Ho” by The Lumineers. This is one that she had wanted to learn for school for a project, and she started in Kuwait, but then she broke her arm and after healing, went on to other things. Then, like Brian, she had to wait awhile to start lessons again here. She had a lot more interference from Ninja on her first attempt at the song, so we tried a couple more times. This first video is Honor and Ninja trying the song together – Honor reads the music, Ninja tries to eat it. The second is Honor playing on her own.


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