Sunday, February 22, 2015

Some warm stuff, some cold stuff…

Valentine’s day ended with some silliness and snow. Honor and Brian decided to goof off in the kitchen as I cooked dinner.


And then it started snowing, a LOT, because that’s what this winter is about. Lots of cold and lots of snow.


It was snowing under the carport.


Fortunately, the next day was still the weekend, so we got to stay in and be lazy like a cat in a warm bean bag.


We tried to get some photos of birds. The cardinal was too fast, and the woodpecker was too far away. Eventually we’ll catch better pictures.


Are you feeling sleepy yet? Like you might want to roll up in a warm, cozy ball and snooze in the afternoon?


There was a day off for President’s Day, and an extra day off for a snow day. We had a nice long weekend. It was very cold. Single digit temps, but we had some lovely sunny days with crystal clear blue skies that reminded me of Jordan. Look at that blue sky!


It was too cold to go shovel, so we procrastinated (until it got even colder and we had to go out and do it anyway…)


Enough cold? Ready for some more snuggles? Ok. Let Pumpkin demonstrate. He is such a baby!


Pixie demonstrates the proper use of an electric butt warmer.


Remember my pretty roses? Yea… well, they didn’t last very long! The cats left me a few to enjoy.


Eventually, the kids had to go back to school. With the frigid temperature and wind chill, I was a nice mom and drove them to wait for the bus.


My windshield wipers were frozen sticking straight out. It reminded me that Maryland’s state sport is jousting!


Anyway, back inside for a few more warm photos. Pixie shows that, if it isn’t the kids goofing off in the kitchen when I am trying to cook, then I always have cats who are willing to have a little crazy time in this confined and busy space!


Our valentine bulbs are blooming nicely.


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