Monday, February 23, 2015

New Toys

Well, a mouse isn’t really a toy, unless you’re a cat. Poor little thing. We had a house mouse, and it’s the 3rd one to make the mistake of trying to shelter in our home. This is an old house (60+ years) so we apparently need to go look for wee mouse doors come Spring, and I really can’t blame the little critters. It’s cold outside, and there are all sorts of predators out there. We have hawks, owls, and foxes in our yard all of the time. A warm house with only three cats must seem like an upgrade. But, it’s not a very safe place. Our kitties are excellent mousers. I tried to catch this mouse and put him back out in the woods, but he was too fast for me and my long-handled dustpan. Like the two before him, the cats got him. RIP mouse #3.

Mighty hunters..


Poor little mouse, climbing the bricks in the living room. Why do they have to be so darn cute?


Anyway, the cats have their work to do to keep the house safe, and we have ours. The snow refused to melt sufficiently to ignore yesterday, despite getting up to almost 50F for most of the day, so we had to go clear it. It was still between 3-4 deep at the top of the drive. Out by the street it was VERY deep. 8-10”. Brad decided to get the new snowblower out. It worked very nicely. This thing even motored over the gravel drive pretty well. The drive still required some shoveling, but it was nice to have! Convincing it to not run down hill at speed was a little tricky.


Brian had a lot of homework to do, but Honor got some play time in. Monday had a 2-hour delay, but it was still a school day.



Honor did some sledding, and she made a little snowman too. Eventually, she decided that his hands might be cold, so she let him borrow her gloves.



Nomads By Nature said...

I think we may have gotten our last snow this season and I am shocked to realize I kinda wish we get one more magical snowfall. Hoping that you are all still loving the winter wonderland outside - from the pictures it looks like you are! From the news I think many are ready for spring already.

Connie said...

We're wearing out our sleds and snow shovels! Come on Spring!!