Monday, March 17, 2008

5 Green parakeets

Haven't been posting much because our internet is still incredible slow on uploads... has been since the cables were cut awhile back. I should try to get back on board though.

We've been busy, and have been enjoying the warmer weather. The tree are in bloom, and yesterday, as I walked home after dropping the kids at school, five rose-ringed parakeets flew over my head through the trees. This isn't my photo, I found it on-line somewhere when I was looking for the name of these birds. We see them all over, but generally up high in the trees and are hard to photograph.


Christine said...

How cool is that? Are they native around there?

Connie said...

I do not think they are native, but have probably been here for a very long time. Like the flocks of parakeets in Florida, they fit in just fine. We saw them all over in Pakistan too. They are very cheerful birds.