Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hit points and gold

Ok, since when did life become a role playing game? I do not remember rolling dice and keeping scores when I was in preschool or even elementary school. It's a true sign of our kids' computer generation though.

Yesterday, Brian decided to give Honor swordsmanship lessons. Not that he has had any formal training, but he was quite a good instructor and they enjoyed practicing. Somehow, that turned into an RPG. They got their notebooks and pencils, decided how much gold they got to start with, how many lifepoints, how much certain toy weapons cost, etc. They also debated the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon or shield. I am not sure if they ever got around to playing anything, but it was a very interesting set-up.


Matt Reed said...

How appropriate that they were roleplaying on this sad day where the creator of D&D games passed away.

Christine said...

Looks liek he taughter her well. Did you ever get my email I sent you about 4 days ago?