Sunday, March 23, 2008


Ramses (11yo Chocolate point Siamese) LOVES rides. He loves riding in boxes, and especially laundry baskets! Once upon a time, probably until Honor was 18mos old, Ramses would want to get in the baby stroller and go with us - where ever, he didn't know, he just wanted to ride. We couldn't actually let him though because we didn't want him riding loose outside, under or on the baby!, around dogs. We had to sneak the stroller outside unopened in order to use it for walks.

He used to always ride in the laundry baskets. Misty would sometimes join him. Nothing like 'housework as exercise' when you have a multistory house, laundry room in the basement, and 30+ pounds of cats added to your baskets! Especially as they would not be content with one ride. Take one load up, and they'd beat you back downstairs for the second trip! Or, they'd stay in the basket the whole time and ride down too. It was heavy, but sweet as anything, so we spoiled them and let them have their rides.

When we moved here, a single-level apartment, the nanny took over laundry duties and she didn't let the cats in the laundry baskets. It's been 3 years, but I am home again, and have taken the job back... and guess who is back in the basket?! Either with me, or with the kids (how brave is that?!), Ramses has been hopping in and meowing until someone picks him up and carries (or pushes) him around for awhile. We had a ton of laundry pile up over this long weekend, and I was folding the kids' clean clothes into the basket, to be put away tomorrow. Ramses hopped in and waited, very impatiently (meowing and tapping me with his paw), until I was done folding the whole pile, stacking it all in on top of him. Yes, I gave him a little bit of a ride... spoiled little kitty!


Cairo Mama said...

I understand! Roxxy, our 60+ lbs boxer, is a complete bed hog. Our solution: kick the dog out of the bed? No, buy a bigger bed, of course.

Connie said...

Of course! Hope you get moved in soon so Roxxy can join you again :-)

grams said...

I always loved Ramses sweet little taps. I'm glad KC does it too.