Sunday, March 30, 2008

Aiwa, it's Iowa

We are not team sports fans, not in the slightest. We barely pay any attention to college or national games of any kind, and yes, that includes big things like the Superbowl. This means that we do not wear team logo gear of any sort either.
Brian was reading a catalog and found a page of logos for some college sports shirts. It was interesting to hear his commentary. You can tell that he's still not comfortable with States as a part of 'our' America... he was reading the state names, but then asked where the American team was? They're all American. Ohhhhh! I guess it doesn't help that we don't really consider any particular state as 'home'.
Then he said, the Lowa shirt is cool. The Lowa? I looked. Iowa!! Brian said, "Iowa, isn't that Arabic word for yes?" Yep. Ai-wa!
I think that eventually reaquainting the kids with our native culture is going to be an interesting experience!

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