Friday, March 28, 2008

I guess it isn't almost finished.

We've been watching this building go up behind our apartment since we've been here - yes, since 2004 - it's still not done. But, we thought they were getting close and we were looking forward to it being completed. It looks to be a 5 or 6 story apartment building. They had added the trim, painted, put in windows. We have enjoyed the whole construction process, and were looking forward to FINALLY seeing the finished product. Then they got out the sledge hammers... what the...???
They bashed all these holes in one day's destruction. Maybe somebody lost an heirloom watch while the upper floors were going up? Maybe they hadn't bothered getting the proper permits and have to remove a couple of floors? Maybe somebody got the address wrong and the building the sledgehammer guys were to go to was a different road and house number?? (Look closely at the 2nd picture and you can see one of them swinging a hammer.)

Looks like the show will continue a while longer. Good thing we've enjoyed watching - even if we do not understand!


Cairo Mama said...

I never understood the building process in Egypt, either. They keep building more and more highrises and there are so many that are unoccupied already. I thought Maadi had a building height restriction, but it was common for people to ignore it. Strange.
Post a follow-up if you get the story!

Connie said...

We still haven't figured it out. They've put an additional hole in the chimney-looking thing, and removed a few more windows, but haven't touched it otherwise for a few days now. I probably will post updates - every window in our apartment faces that way so we're always watching what is going on. Construction TV! I have to say, we are disappointed at what they've done because it is (was) a nice building.