Monday, March 24, 2008

It lives! (and bears fruit)

Have I ever mentioned that I think not having a garden really stinks? Maybe I have not said it here, but I say it a lot, and think it even more often. I hate not having a yard and garden. How is a nature-based spiritual type supposed to live without some nature? Ah well, I am trying to teach our kids a bit about plants and respect for life through what we can grow in the apartment and on the extremely-shallow balconies. In addition to the basic life cycle of seeds, plants, fruit, and more seeds, we try to teach the kids to respect plants as living creatures. I think we've had some success as Honor recently told me about instructing her pre-K classmates not to pluck leaves off of the bushes and trees as, "it's not nice".
Today, I noticed that we had another little success to get excited about. Our bean plant, the lone survivor of six that we started from beans from a dry soup mix, a plant that I thought had been doomed by a cold snap, has not only managed to survive, but has produced a little baby bean. Not much of a meal in the making, but at least the kids think it is very cute!


Christine said...

That is cool! Are you guys going to eat it?

Connie said...

Hopefully it will survive and grow - it's only an inch and a half now! I do not think the spindly little plant will give more than this. I was surprised to see the one. Yes, I think I will cook it up (or not) and let the kids eat it. Maybe we will save a couple of the beans and replant. :-)